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Announcing the OASA Hall of Fame...


The Ontario Amateur Softball Association is pleased to announce the creation of an Ontario Amateur Softball Association Hall of Fame which will be a virtual Hall of Fame located on this website. The nominees will include players, coaches, builders, and teams.  

This select group will be inducted into the OASA Hall of Fame on September 24, 2016 at the Galt Curling Club.

The following players, coaches and builders will be inducted:

Richard (Dick) Hames, Bill Martin, Norman Bagnall (Deceased), Harry Echler, Peter (Pete) Landers, Ray Tilley, Darren Zack, Adam Smith, Terry Baytor, Gil Read (Deceased), Robert Abbot,  George Henry Campbell (Deceased), Leroy Pickard (Deceased), Claude Deschamps (Deceased), Lloyd Alguire (Deceased).

Teams being inducted in the first class will be the 1949 Tip Top Tailors team, the Owen Sound Selects, years 2000, 2002, 2003, and the Richmond Hill Dynes.

The next inductions will be announced at the Softball Summit being held in November 2017 in conjunction with the OASA AGM.


General Provisions
Successful applicants for the Hall of Fame will be inducted at the Annual General Meeting of the O.A.S.A.
• All applications approved by the Selection Committee shall be forwarded for final approval to the Executive of the O.A.S.A. with a recommendation for enrollment in the Hall of Fame.
• Nominations may originate with a club, an association or individual. No more than two nominations may be presented per year.
• No more than five candidates (no more than three in one category) each year shall be selected
• Written nominations must be accompanied by documents covering as great detail as possible, the athletic accomplishments or the service record or both, of the person(s) nominated. One or more photographs of the nominee (s) must accompany nominations
• A candidate must be a member in good standing of the O.A.S.A.
• Any candidate not accepted may be resubmitted the following year. A candidate may be nominated a maximum of three (3) times. After the third nomination, his/her name is removed from further Hall of Fame consideration
• The Hall of Fame Selection Committee by a majority vote may, with just cause recommend removal of an individual from the Hall of Fame. A two thirds majority vote by the Executive approving such recommendation shall remove said individual from the Hall of Fame
• Nominations must be in the hands of the Committee by September 1st for consideration that year
Please send completed application to:
Garry Waugh
45 Earlscourt Crescent,
Woodstock, ON
N4S 5H2

Click here for Nomination Form.