Listings of OASA Award Winners





2014 Gil Read Coaches Honour Roll

Peter Chambers, Waterdown

2014 OASA Scholarship Award
John Baker
Johnathan Baker, Kitchener

Tyson Zehr
Tyson Zehr, Tavistock

2014 Jack Cook Sportsmanship Award
Roddy Fevreau, Waterdown Hammer 40+

2014 F. R. Feaver Award
Gary Wren, St. Thomas
Feaver Award
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2014 OASA President's Merit Award
Brad Thomson, Kitchener
Pres Award

2014 Life Member Award
Bob Whitfield, Bath
Life Membership


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2014 Softball Canada Ethel Boyce Memorial
Johnathan Baker, Kitchener

2014 Syl Apps Volunteer Award
Gary Wren, St. Thomas










The Frank Feaver Memorial Award

The Feaver Memorial Trophy was introduced in 1972 and is awarded annually in memory of Frank Feaver who was the Secretary of the Ontario Amateur Softball Association from 1943 to 1956. Frank’s dedication, service and devotion played a major role in the expansion and development of the game of softball.
The award is presented to a player, official or officer of any league or association who, in the opinion of the Feaver Award Committee, has made an outstanding contribution to the game of softball.
The names of the individuals nominated are kept on file for four years. Nominations, with a supporting resume, must annually be received by the chair by June 15th. Email to